Wing Chun Ban Jung
Ban Chung Wing Chun

Wing Chun Malaysia - Kelab 

班中正旦金曹家詠春 - 馬來西亞

Wing Chun Malaysia - Ban Chung Zheng Dan Kam Cho Ga Wing Chun

Grand Master Ku Choi Wah appointed his disciples open class to teach on his behalf

This mystery Wing Chun lineage used to be secret technique only for Cho Family member, now Grand Master Ku Choi Wah opens the door to public to learn this Extreme Martial Art –

Cheras (Ban Jung Wing Chun KL - Renxin Dojo 班中詠春.焦賴仁心武道館)

Time: Thursday 星期四7pm to 8:30pm

Venue: 31-2, Jalan Manis 3, Taman Segar, Cheras 56100 KL

Instructor: Sifu Tony Yap Yew Wei 葉耀偉師傅 +60122317069,


Malacca (Ban Chung Cho Ga Wing Chun Malacca 馬六甲班中曹家詠春拳)

Time: Private Lesson 私人班

Venue: Malacca 馬六甲

Consultant: Grand Master Ku Choi Wah 古才華宗師 

Instructor: Sifu Wong Tay Phon 王泰凡師傅 +60126887325


Seremban (GM Ku Choi Wah - Ban Chung Zheng Dan Kam Cho Ga Wing Chun 古才華宗師.班中正旦金曹家詠春國術館) 

班中正旦金曹家詠春,徐俊耀老師 Ban Chung Zheng Dan Kam Cho Ga Wing Chun, C.Y.Chee

Time: Friday 星期五 8pm to 10pm, Sunday 星期日5pm to 7pm 8pm to 10pm

班中少林詠春國, 譚仰志教練 Ban Chung Sui Lam Wing Chun Kuok Shut, Patrick Tham   

Time:  Tuesday星期二 6pm to 8pm, Wednesday 星期三6pm to 8pm

Venue: 23-2, Medan Suria 2, Off Jln Tuanku Munawir, 7000, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Chief Consultant/Developer/Owner/Founder: Grand Master Ku Choi Wah古才華宗師

Consultant: Sifu Ng Kee Wah 黃啟華師傅

Instructor: C.Y.Chee 徐俊耀老師 +60123299752

Trainer: Alex Loke 陸偉聰教練 +60163936455, 譚仰志教練Patrick Tham +60166014113


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